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Olga Speranskaya, IPEN Co-Chair (LEAD Fellow, Cohort II) was officially announced as one of the Champions of the Earth Award 2011.
See Olga and the other 2011 Champions bios and acceptances speeches: http://www.unep.org/champions/laureates/2011/


Thirst Training Session   LEAD CIS Cohort 16 ( Moscow, June 3-6 2011)


Annual award from LEAD International to LEAD CIS  for 2011


LEAD CIS Annual Report-2010 is now available

News submitted by LEAD CIS Fellows

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bullet.gif (56 bytes)An NGO Introduction to Mercury Pollution

Olga Speranskaya, Cohort III and International Pop's Elimination Network (IPEN) present a new publication "An NGO Introduction to Mercury Pollution".  It provides information about mercury pollution and its harm to human health and theenvironment.  The booklet gives special attention to current intergovernmental discussions and negotiations aimed at establishing a global mercury-control treaty, and it encourages nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and other civil society organizations (CSOs) to engage in the treaty process.
Russian version  can be downloaded here>>>

bullet.gif (56 bytes)BRIDGES in Russian

Olga Ponizova, Cohort II
Eco-Accord Center for Environment and Sustainable Development” launched  the Russian version of BRIDGES, monthly newsletter, published by the ICTSD  This unique edition analyzes new developments within WTO system and international trade from sustainable development perspective, informs about forthcoming events and latest publication

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bullet.gif (56 bytes)An NGO Guide to hazardous Pesticides and SAICM

Olga Speranskaya, Cohort III
presents a new publication "An NGO Guide to hazardous Pesticides and SAICM".
Russian version can be accessed here....
English version can be accessed here...

 "Ecology"  A new book on  modern ecology

Tatyana Puzanova, Cohort VI

. This book narrates fundamental postulates of modern ecology, describes the structure and evolution of biosphere, the role of the living matter and the concept of noosphere.  The author seeks to reveal the interdependence of all processes and phenomena at the level of local ecosystems, as well as at the level of the global ecosystem - biosphere.   At the end of each chapter of this handbook one can find references to well-known environmental websites, which contribute to better understanding the scale of the studied phenomena and help to find answers to some pertinent questions, as well as provide background information on various environmental problems.   The book targets students of humanities and all readers that are interested in modern environmental challenges.   Contacts: puzanova@mail.ru

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