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bullet.gif (56 bytes)Global Training Session "Environmental Governance"

21st February – 1st March 2006, Bhopal, India

The Global Training Session [GTS] from 21st February 2006 to 1st March 2006 at Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh was a dynamic and path breaking event, exploring Environmental Governance –this year’s theme – from a multi stakeholder perspective in a global frame work. The GTS provides a unique opportunity to 150 Lead Associates to share their diverse learnings, experience complex local issues, place them in a global context and develop skills in consensus building on natural resource management issues.
More at http://www.leadindia.org/html/gts_home.html

bullet.gif (56 bytes)Cohort XI International Regional Training Session

AIT Extension-LEAD International Workshop on:  Strengthening Corporate Social Responsibility: Strategy for Sustainable Environment Management 7-12 November 2005
Tentative Agenda and Learning Activities

  bullet.gif (56 bytes)LEAD CIS Cohort XI Training Session

Ecological Problems for Arctic Regions
October 26 - November 2, Murmansk, Kola Peninsula
Session Agenda

  bullet.gif (56 bytes)LEAD CIS Cohort XI Training Session (Armenia 2005)

bullet.gif (56 bytes)LEAD International Training Session - Cohort 10

Sustainable Agriculture and the Global Food Economy:
Going Against the Grain?

1-6 April and 15-20 April 2004

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LEAD International Workshops

thai2003.gif (22546 bytes)

LEAD International Workshops
on Sustainable Development
at AIT  Bangkok,
14 – 21 September 2003

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Cohort X Regional Training Session

altay2.gif (20108 bytes)

Regional Problems of SD
Altay, June 23 - July 1 2003


Selected Topics on Sustainable Development

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Environment for Europe

Kiev CONFERENCE  21-23 May 2003. Selected topics

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Environment Strategy for EECCA

Environmental Partnerships in the UNECE Region: Environment Strategy for EECCA. Strategic Framework

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EU-EECCA Water Initiative

Selected statements on the “Strategic Partnership on water for sustainable development – Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia Component of the European Union Water Initiative”

bullet.gif (56 bytes) Sustainable City

The Sustainable Cities Program (SCP) is a global program of the United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (UNCHS - Habitat) and the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). This section provides detailed operational guidance for the benefit of people implementing city-level projects within the Sustainable Cities Program