Larissa Kozhevnikova currently works as a teacher in a private school. She possesses knowledge and skills in environmental education. She's responsible for an own educational programme 'What kind of life can a child born in the XXI century expect?' including various trainings for increasing environmental awareness among children of elementary and secondary level schools.
She has been an organiser for children at the Regional Children's Library where she's focused on the project 'Learn to say: No!' The objective of which is creation a comprehensive active educational system of combating drug addiction among children: 'No-to-drugs' prevention scheme.
She's also in-charge of coordinating Volgograd's Associations for disabled children which includes charitable activities.
L.Kozhevnikova has taken part in the annual Regional conference for sustainable development 'Tsaritsyn's meetings'. Her duties include formulating and compiling documentations.
She has a special interest in different cultures and she's the founder and manager of the music saloon 'CHAIKA' where talented musicians come together for classical & folk music concerts,she herself being a qualified pianist.
She graduated from the State Teacher's Training Institute in 1991

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