Julia ZHIRONKINA is a staff interpreter, translator, editor and copywriter in the foreign relations department of the Center TV Broadcasting Consortium. She has worked in this capacity for a number of prominent business enterprises and Russian television channels, including NTV, ORT and distributors of video and film. She translates and edits documentaries, feature films and animated cartoons on a wide range of subjects. Among the more than 200 titles she has prepared for broadcasting and distribution are 'Walking with Dinosaurs', 'Network', 'Alf', films by the Discovery Channel. In 1997 she organized a study tour for Russian ecologists to national parks in the United States and a study tour for American ecologists to Russian national parks and state reserves. She has a special interest in indigenous cultures, and works with Purba, Theater of Tibetan Music (www.purba.da.ru), promoting the cultural heritage of Tibet in Russia.

J. Zhironkina graduated from the department of biology at Moscow Pedagogical University, and also from Moscow Linguistic University, where she studied written translation as well as consecutive and simultaneous interpretation (English and French). She also completed a course on the artistic translation of feature films and fiction.

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