Anna GOLUBOVSKA-ONISIMOVA is working now as an temporarily consultant within OECD Environmental Directorate, Non-member countries division, in Paris (till mid-August 2004). She has recently graduated from EPCEM (European Postgraduate Course on Environmental Management) with the degree of Master of Environmental Management (25 June 2004) based in the Netherlands. LEAD Fellow (2004). She was working within UNDP-Ukraine project (January - July 2003) as Chief of Staff of the Kyiv Secretariat on the preparation to the 5th Pan-European Ministerial Conference 'Environment for Europe' (21-23 May, 2003, Kyiv, Ukraine). See more details at
Previously (June 2001 - December 2002) she occupied the position of Deputy Director of the Environmental Policy Department in the Ministry for Environment and Natural Resources of Ukraine, responsible to assist and substitute to the Director in the management permanent work of the Department (management of the State policy on the environment protection and natural resources use realization, environmental legislation development and national legal base harmonization with European legislation requirements, management of international cooperation and European integration in the environmental area), supervising 5-15 staff of the Division of complex analysis and prognoses and International Relations Department. 
During her work in the Ministry, she also was conducting the duties of the Chair to the Working Group of Seniors Officials �Environment for Europe� on behalf of the Ministry for Environment and Natural Resources of Ukraine, responsible for the coordination of the International preparation to the 5th Ministerial Conference (Kyiv, 21-23 May 2003) at the level of Seniors Officials: preparing and chairing the meetings and editing the reports of the WGSO and ExeCom, preparing the comments to the documents and participation in negotiations, working in close cooperation with the UNECE Secretariat, the member States and other actors of the �Environment for Europe� process. 
She was a member of the Official Delegation of Ukraine at the WSSD. 
During 1990 - 2001, she co-founded MAMA-86, National Environmental NGO in Kyiv, Ukraine and worked 10 years as the Director and Leader of this network, well-known in Ukraine and Internationally. Her first degree of an architect was obtained from the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine in 1987. Married, has 2 children.

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