Davit E. Yavruyan graduated from Yerevan State University, Biology Department and had his doctoral degree in Biology in 1999. His professional experience include scientific research in biology. Since 1993 he is working at the Ministry of Nature Protection of Armenia. as a head of Division of Special Protected Areas. Also he is Administrative Manager of Armenian Nature Protectors Union NGO His research objects are Vertebrates, especially Pisces and Mammals, and the questions concerning their ecology, morpho-phyziological peculiarities,and conservation of rare species, etc. He has been also involved in scientific researches in Biosafety methodologically, Biotechnology development and Animals Reproduction organization in RA, Ethology and Ecology, especially - environment monitoring, laws and protection on Special Protected Areas. His geographic areas of experiences are Armenia, Caucasus and Trans-Caucasus. Other relevant professional activities and membership: Participant of COP III of UN Convention on Biological Diversity; Expert for Fauna of NEAP UN program of Ministry of Nature Protection of RA; CITES certification; Certification of National expert of Environment Protection.

Curent position: Field Assistant to the President, Federation of Agricultural Associations Union of Legal Entities (FAA ULE)

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