Nikolai MALESHIN currently is the General Director of the Not for profit and non-governmental organization 'Partnership for Zapovedniks'. His organization 'Partnership for Zapovedniks' has a goal to consolidate professional and public efforts to support the system of state zapovedniks and national parks in Russia. Among organization's goals are:
to develop new concepts of zapovedniks;
to focus on improvement of management, organizational structure and functioning of zapovednik system;
He and his colleagues actively work with the governmental structures:
to lobby the laws related to state zapovedniks (including proposals to the budget); 
to provide legal support to zapovednik employers in case of arbitrariness of local, regional or federal government officials. 
Public awareness is also a very important part of our work. We work:
to organize campaign in mass media, spread foreign experience in organizing specially protected areas in densely populated regions;
to support socially and financially the zapovedniks. We provide professional assistance to zapovedniks in writing their business plans, organize retraining for the staff, assist zapovedniks in different projects;
to establish a system of information exchange between zapovedniks. We publish brochures, special books, organize ecologically oriented events;
to create of Internet server will help us to give zapovedniks an access to the recent federal and regional documents, publications, information about grants and projects, data bases and a lot of other information. 
N. Maleshin also has worked for the past ten years as director for the Tsentral'no-Chernozemny Zapovednik, focusing his attention on the steppe zappovednik and its problems, and where his energies received the Diploma Council of Europe in 1998. The previous 10 years was dedicated to studying various rare and endangered species of birds in the Altaisky zapovednik which is situated near the Mongolian and Chinese borders. His work led him to be chosen to the Chairman of All-Russian Zapovednik Director's Association, which unites the leaders of 100 zepovedniks and 35 National Parks from the Baltic Sea to the Pacific Ocean. N. Malesnin is also the Managing editor of an American popular science magazine 'Russian Conservation News' that focuses on environmental protection in former Soviet nations. He is responsible for the creation of four protected areas in Central Russia and is the head of the Association of Protected Areas of Central Russia. 
In 2000 - 2002 he is a Consultant of Global Environmental Facility Fund Program named as 'Biodiversity conservation in Russia'. Now he is responsible for creating management plan for nature park 'Uch-Enmek' in Republic of Altai (Russia) and closely co-operates with Government of Moscow City in the field of nature protected areas management.

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