I am the director of one of the programs of the St. Petersburg Society of Naturalists (http://www.spns.narod.ru/), where I'm also the member of the council. The Program ECOM defines its mission as 'steering public participation in the region'. ECOM has been working on several projects: monitoring, evaluating, inspiring and finally - managing and implementing public involvement in environmental decision-making. Those cases include, i.e. environmental assessment of the Baltic pipeline system and ports on Baltic Sea, strategy for co-operation between the St. Petersburg and Leningrad regions, aluminium melting factory and several other projects. The most recent developments are in the field of new social technologies: administrative public hearings, public environmental expertise (assessment) and informing public on environmental decision-making. ECOM is lobbying for local and regional legislation on public participation, and try to encourage environmental initiatives in business. 
I do have strong interests in local and regional sustainable development. Currently, I'm involved in the consultations on the sustainability assessment of St.Petersburg City Development Plan (as a private consultant) and ECOM is working on the problem of conservation of green spaces in the growing city. In the previous years I was researching on best practice cases for local sustainable development and had organized several training initiatives in St.Petersburg and in other cities. 
In 2000 I began teaching courses on Public participation for the students of Communications and Public Relations Department in a private university in St.Petersburg (http://www.nilc.spb.ru). Since then the interest for sustainability communications on the faculty has grown up, and in 2002 I found myself in the position of the Chair of the Department, teaching also 'The Introduction into Sustainable Development', 'Non-profit Communications and Social Investments' and some other cources. The Department intends to build strong relationships with non-governmental sector and to raise professional communicators with deep understanding of the issues of sustainability.
My basic education was in zoology (master's degree from the department of invertebrate zoology at Leningrad State University), PhD - in cellular biology, but current work is mostly about and around communications. Continuing education includes courses in environmental impact assessment and sustainable development, contemporary methods for environmental regulation, and basics of market economics, organizational management and LEAD

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