Tatiana FAIZOULLINA is commissioned by a global multinational oil and gas company in a capacity of a freelance consultant. She is undertaking a project on sustainability issues and foreign investments into oil and gas indusrties in the Russian Federation. In 2004 Tatiana successfully graduated from MSc in Environmental Technology with major in energy policy from the Imperial College London. She has received a distinction for her dissertation on 'Gazprom's business strategy on the penetration to the European gas markets'. Before she was doing research on energy security issues between the EU and Russia at the University of Oxford, UK. Her professional interests include energy security, energy and the environment, gas markets and climate change issues. 
Before she worked as a senior lawyer at the Kazan State University of Medicine, Russia. She also gave lectures on Social and Health Law there. Her responsibilities included researching, analysing and reporting on all legal issues, representing the interests of the University in all state bodies, advocacy in common and arbitrage courts.
From 1997 till 2001 Tatiana was working in the State Council (Parliament) of the Republic of Tatarstan as a specialist of the commission on issues of state construction, self-government and foreign affairs. Her day-to-day duties were an administration of the commission meetings, legal advice and administrative support of deputies, legal expertise of documents and drafting laws.
She has a MSc in Environmental Technology from the Imperial College London (2004), Bachelor of Law from the Kazan State University (1998) and BSc in Chemical engineering from the Kazan State University of Technology (1996).

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