Andrei SOUKNEV is director of the Centre for Regional Tourism Support in Buryatia, Russia, where he is responsible for ecotourism development. He previously directed the project 'Ecotourism-advices, motivations and principles of business' (ESD USAID) and served as the director of LAT, an ecotourism firm. He has a teaching degree from De. Banzarov's Buryat State Pedagogic Institute.
Graduate 'President Program' 2000, and received degree of Marketing Manager. He has several grants from USAID in field of ecotourism. 'B&B&B (Bed & Breakfast & Baikal - development of network of private hotels' 1997-98, 'LAC (Limits of Acceptable Changes) - on the way to sustaynability on Baikal' 1998-99, 'B&B for Eastern Siberia' 2001-2002, and 'Ecotourism Association, Enterprise and Promotion Strengthening' 2002-2003. 
Together wit his colleagues he promoting permanent ecotourism projects: Great Baikal Trail - The first national trail system for Russsia; - Munko-Saridak - The national mountain; - Selenga - national river. All of this projects for protection of national landscape, and for sustainability.
Hobby - photography, hiking.

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