Alexander MARIEV is a conservation officer of the World Wide Found for Nature (WWF) in Syktyvkar (Republic of Komi, Russia). He is working with development of sustainable forestry and biodiversity conservation in a project 'Boreal forest conservation and management: Model Forest 'Priluzje', Republic of Komi, Russia'.
A. Mariev graduated from Syktyvkar State University in 1994. Since that he worked at the Syktyvkar University as a lecturer of the following subjects: 'Biological Diversity of Taiga Ecosystems', 'General Ecology', 'Ornithology', 'General Biology'. Besides lectures he conducted field study courses 'Biological Diversity', 'Ornithology' and 'Vertebrate zoology'. He is a supervisor for 5 students.
Before joining WWF Komi in August 1999, he participated in several projects, such as 'Regional criteria and indicators for conservation and sustainable management of taiga forest in the Republic of Komi', 'Pristine taiga forest of the Republic of Komi: mapping, valuation and management'.
He is particularly interested in issues of sustainable development of forest regions, biodiversity conservation systems, sustainable management of pristine forests.

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