Vladislav Ivanovich LARIN is an environmental journalist and writer currently working for the Moscow Eco - Press Center, an NGO. He is author of a survey entitled 'Energy: Economics, Technology, and Ecology' that was written for the Department of Environmental Problems for the Journal of the Presidium of the Russian Academy Sciences. He has authored approximately 100 articles and publications in Russia and abroad, and has been writing about the environment for 20 years, including a book detailing the problems of the main plant at the Soviet nuclear weapon complex 'Mayak'. He is interested in the reliability of environmental information from the former Soviet Union countries.

In addition, he has participated in expeditions to the Antarctic and travelled within Andorra, France, the former Soviet Union and Sweden. He is a member of the International Federation of Environmental Journalists, European Federation of the Environmental Professionals and the Russian Geographical Society. V.I. Larin has a master's degree in environmental sciences and policy. His these explored environmental monitoring in the Russian Federation and former Soviet Union.

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