Igor IAKOVLEV is the docent (assistant professor) of the Department of Forest planting at the Mari State Technical University (Ioshkar-Ola, Russia). He had been graduated from the Saint Petersburg Forest Technical Academy in 1989 with the qualification of forestry engineer. In 1992 he had finished post-graduate courses at the Saint Petersburg Forest Technical Academy and has the degree of the kandidat selskohoz'aistvennih nauk (Ph.D. - forestry). Theme of the thesis - 'Oak groves aimed for shipbuilding are the basis of seed supplying base of pedunculate oak in the Middle Povolzhje Region'. 
In 1995-1998 Dr. Iakovlev finished post-doctorate courses on the Department of Forest Tree Breeding and Biotechnology at the Mari-El State Technical university (Ioshkar-Ola), specialization - molecular genetics.
Main fields of professional interests are study and conservation of genetic resources of forest tree species, and development and implementation of the principles of sustainable forestry in practice. 
Current scientific topics of researches are the study of genetic resources of pedunculate oak (Quercus robur L.) for their conservation, utilization, and reproduction with the help of morphological and molecular markers, assessment of current state of oak forests and developing of the ways of proper management and recover of oak forests in Russia. During his scientific career he had published more than 45 articles and 1 monograph.
From 1977 he initiate the entrance of University and became the member of International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO Division 2 - Physiology and Genetics, Unit 2.08.05 - Genetics of Quercus). Participated in several international and national conferences. In 2000 he had the trainings in molecular techniques at INRA, Laboratoire de g�n�tique et d'am�lioration des arbres forestiers (Bordeaux, France) and in genetic resources conservation at Nieders�chsische Forstliche Versuchsanstalt, Abt. C (Forstpflanzenz�chtung) (Escherode, Germany).

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