Victoria ELIAS is Chair of the Coordination Board of the Pan-European ECO-Forum - the Environmental NGO Coalition of the UN-ECE region and deputy director of the Center for Environment and Sustainable Development 'Eco-Accord'. Victoria coordinates projects and is engaged in research and training. She is also a representative in the UN-CSD NGO Steering Committee and Management Committee for Eastern Europe and the Newly Independent States (NIS), serves on boards of several international NGO' and multistakeholder networks. Ms. Elias was the NGO representative on the Russian delegation to the UN Commission on Sustainable Development in 1998 and 1999. She coordinated NGO position paper preparation and participation in the multistakeholder dialogue session on tourism and local communities at UN CSD-7 (1999), NIS focal point in preparation to the 4th Ministerial Conference 'Environment for Europe' (1997-1998), other processes, as well as ECO-Accord information service on global problems 'GLOBAL-INFO'. She is actively involved in Rio process. Working on issues of public participation in environmental decision-making at different levels, she had carried out a number of studies, prepared the chapter on developing public support and responsible behavior in regard to wildlife for the Russian National Strategy and National Action Plan for biodiversity conservation. Victoria is the co-author of recently published Tool-kits for environmental NGOs on public participation and lobbying, has a number of publications. Interests of Ms.Elias are related to sustainable development, global governance and informed multistakeholder participation in decision-making process at different levels, public awareness and environmental education. She also has experience on water and tourism issues. Ms.Elias has obtained Master Degree in Biology and Ecology from Moscow Lomonosov State University. She has been trained additionally on ecotoxicology and NGO management.

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