Sergey Petrovich SOLDATOV is head of the Department of Land and Biological Resources Protection of the Ministry of Ecology in the Chuvashian Republic and is working on his doctoral dissertation. He has initiated the renewal of activity of student teams for nature protection (in Cheboksary, Kirov and Irkutsk) and helped to create the Chuvash branch of the Russian ecological movement. As head of the Komsomol Committee, he initiated their reorganization as a non-ideological youth organization.

He delivers lectures on ecological law and has designed programs for training ecological tourism managers. In 1991, he organized Russian Hunting, a multiprofile private scientific-production company, and was its chief for five years. In 1996 he created an NGO entitled the Prof. V. Skalon Foundation of Hunting and Taiga Nature Management.

He graduated in 1988 from the hunting science faculty of Irkutsk Agricultural Academy, where he also worked as a junior scientist and assistant to the chair of hunting and forestry. In 1996, he completed training in the intergovernmental program 'Business for Russia' in Illinois (USA).

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