Oleksiy Leonidovich SAVCHENKO works in the Department of Foreign Economic Relations and Marketing for the State Committee of Fisheries, Ukraine. He is a biologist specialised in vertebrate zoology and an economist. He analyzes the economic consequences of adaptation as well as economic and trade policy, and is involved with the ratification of international conventions and agreements concerning protection, breeding and use of water resources. He previously worked at the Ministry for Environment Protection and Nuclear Safety of Ukraine. He has published more than 35 scientific articles.

O.L. Savchenko graduated from the Faculty of Biology at Kiev State National University and the Ukrainian Academy of Foreign Trade. He also completed post-graduate studies on zoology at Institute of Zoology (Ukrainian Acad of Sci.)and training on environmental law at the Imperial College, London. After his studies, he conducted research on the eco-morphological adaptation of teleost fish respiration organs (gill apparatus).

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