Marina ROMANOVA works with newspaper 'Moskovsky komsomolets' writes twice per month a weekly 'Political expertise' column, reports about major political events, the spot reports in the sphere of social and regional policy. She is a journalist by training, with a Ph.D. in political sciences from the Russian Academy of the State Administration to the President of the Russian Federation in Moscow. Her research explores how the quality of mass-media information is related to social risk, and vice versa. Before returning to school, she was a special correspondent of ITAR TASS at the upper chamber of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. 

She graduated from the Buryat State University, Department of Philology and Psychology. While a student, she created the first student-run television studio in Buriatia, her home town, and later became the chief editor and anchor person. She later received training as a special correspondent of the news service at 'TV Center', a television channel in Moscow.

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