Oleg LYSTOPAD (LISTOPAD) is a journalist, a manager of environmental projects (creating and preserving nature protected areas; ecomedia etc.) and an independent reasercher. 
He wrote some books: 
'Draft of the Ukrainian Forest Portrait' (in Ukrainian); 
'Phenomena of holy wells' (in Russian); 
in co-authorship: 
'Non-Traditional Methods of Ecological Education'; 
'Let's Save Memorial and Sacred Natural Objects' (both in Russian), 
'Protected Areas Around Kiev', 
'Let's Save White Storks'(both in Ukrainian, 
a brochure 'How the 'Greens' May Cooperate with the Media' (in Russia) and series of analitical and popular articles (some accessible though Internet). 
Hobby: investigating cultural and ecological phenomena of holy wells and collects materials (photos, books, articles) on this topic. 
Member of some Ukrainian and CIS ecological NGOs. Closely cooperates with Ukrainian NGOs: 'MAMA-86', Kiev Ecological and Cultural Center, Green Dossie and others.

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