Andrei ISAC is Executive Director of the Regional Environmental Centre Moldova (REC Moldova), an independent, non-profit and non-political environmental organisation of international dimension. The mission of the REC Moldova is to assist in solving environmental problems in Moldova and in the region through the promotion of co-operation at both national and regional levels among NGOs, governments, business, local communities and other environmental stakeholders. 
He was Project Manager of the WB/GEF Project 'Enabling Activities Related to the Implementation of the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants in the Republic of Moldova' in the period of July 2002 - November 2004 with the main goal of preparation of the National Implementation Plan of the Convention and preparation of its ratification. Before joining the WB project he was Head of the Environmental Policy Division in the Ministry of Environment, Construction and Territorial Development of the Republic of Moldova since 1998 (in the Department for Environemntal Protection since 1993). His work focuses on the development of environmental policy, co-ordination of the National Strategies, Programs and Action Plans in the field of environment. This work is aimed at the promotion of political and economical mecanisms for environmental protection, integration of the environmental requirements in national social-economic activities, financial strategies and ecological funds.
He has expirienced in the drafring of environmental laws, development of action plans and environmental funds management. Since 1999 - member of the European Environment and Health Committee.
Andrei Isac was responcible for the elaboration of the Concept of Environmental Policy of the Republic of Moldova (2000-2001), was the author of one chapter in the National Sustainable Development Strategy of the Republic of Moldova (Moldova 21)(2000), participates in the development of the Sectoral Strategy on Environment and Poverty and on the preparation of the Chapter on Environmental Protection and Use of natural resources in the Natiional Strategy for Economic Grouth and Poverty Eradication of the Republic of Moldova (2003). He take part in the development of the documents for the Environmental Partnerships in the ENECE Region and Environment Strategy for EECCA Countries for the Kiev Ministerial Conference, 2003.
Mr.Isac was the Secretary of the National Preparatory Committee of the Republic of Moldova for the Global Summit on Sustainable Development 'Rio+10', Johannesburg, 2002 and member of the official delegation of the country to the Summit. 
Past responcibilities include: co-ordinator of the Environmental Performance Review of the Republic of Moldova (UN ECE, 1997-1998), co-ordinator of the implementation of the National Environmental Action Plan of the Republic of Moldova (WB, OECD, 1996-2000), member of the WGSO and of the Official Delegation at the 4th Pan-European Conference of the Environment Ministers in Aarhus, Denmark. Since 1999 A.Isac has been a member of the European Environment and Health Committee (EEHC)(UN ECE/ WHO Euro), a OECD EAP Task Force member and member of the country's delegation to the UN CSD in New-York. In 2000 he became the Head of the Delegation of the Republic of Moldova to the Committee on Environmental Policy of the UN ECE in Geneva. 
Andrei Isac is a graduate of the Russian (Moscow) Chemical-Technological University named after D. Mendeleev (1993) with the speciality in environmental protection. His personal interest is in the assesment of the influence of the cultural and religious values on environment and sustainable development.

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