Evgeny A. SHVARTS is Director of Conservation, World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) Russian Program Office. He was founder and during six years (1992-1998) Chairman of the Board at the Biodiversity Conservation Center in Moscow. During 1996-1998 he was the manager of Protected Areas Component of GEF/World Bank 'Russian Federation Biodiversity Conservation Project'. During 11 years he was the member of Scientific Council and Senior Scientific Fellow (1990-2000) in Institute of Geography of Russian Academy of Sciences. He holds a Dr.Sc. (2003, May) in Geoecology and Ph.D. (1987, May) in Biogeography from the Institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences and a master's degree in zoology and botany from Biological Faculty of Moscow State University. Author of 1 book and more than 120 scientific and newspaper publications, including 'Biodiversity and Conservation', 'Journal of Biogeography', 'Ecoscience', 'Journal of The Royal Society of New Zealand', 'Journal of Zoology', 'Wildlife Society Bulletin', 'Doklady Biological Sciences' and in many leading Russian Academical Journals and Russain national newspapers and magazins. Founder of Journal/Bulletin 'State Reserves and National Parks' (in Russian) and member of editorial board of three Journals: 'Conservation of Nature', 'State Reserves and National Parks', 'Sustainable Forestry'. Member of: WWF International Task Force for Central Asia Countries, Board of Biodiversity Conservation Center, Public Advisory Board of World Bank (Moscow office), Advisory Board of Russian Regional Environmental Center, etc.

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