Elena Evgenievna GRIGORIEVA currently is Assistant Commissioner at Trade Mission of the Russian Federation in Canada.Dr. Grigorieva is a soil scientist and economist (International Economics) by education, with a background of research in agricultural production and economics. 
Dr.Grigorieva's experience in Ministry of Economic Development and Trade (2001-2003) covered working with international organizations of the UN system, including international commodity organizations within UNCTAD (International Cocoa Organization, International Grain Council, International Coffee Organization, International Cotton Advisory Committee, International Sugar Organization), analysis of world trade current situation and forecast of it's influence on Russian economy, coordination with business associations. She was a key figure for process of Russia joining the International Cocoa Agreement 2001, International Sugar Agreement 1992.
She was a Head of Russian Delegation at the Special Intersessional Working Group at Commission on Sustainable Development of Economic and Social Council of the UN, New York, March 2001.
Dr.Grigorieva's experience at the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Russian Federation (MoAF) (1992-2001) were Programmes on Economic and Scientific Research Co-operation between MoAF and international institutions. She was a head of MoAF working group to prepare the World Bank Project 'Agricultural Research, High Education and Extension System Reformation' and participated in the World Bank project 'Agricultural Reform Implementation Support' and EU Tacis Project 'Support to the MOAF in Developing Strategies Conductive to Reform'. 
She was a responsible person for Russian Co-operation with CGIAR (Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research) (1996-1999) and with GFAR (Global forum on Agricultural Research) (2000).
Dr.Grigorieva teacher's experience covers lecturing in the Russian Foreign Trade Academy (Courses: Economy of Russia, Environmental and Resource Economics, Russia and World Natural Resources).
E.E. Grigorieva has a doctorate in soil science from Moscow State University (1984) and a master's degree in international economics from the All-Russian Academy for Foreign Trade (1997). She participated in the Yeltsin Democracy Fellowship Program (training in Canada-1996), and is a fellow of the Salzburg Seminar (1998). 
She is also doing research on food security problems, international agricultural trade, and agrarian policy. 
She has over 30 publications on economics, international relations, ecology, including: 
Monograph: The Problems of Reforming the UN Regional Commissions giving an example of ECE and it's Committee on Agriculture, Moscow, 1995.
Monograph: Humus of Podzolic Soils. - Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Moscow, 1995. 
Activity of International Organizations in Relation to the Problem of Food Security. -International Agricultural Magazine, 6,1997, pp.12-16.
About the Food Security Problem in Russia. - Proceedings of Moscow Agricultural Academy, 4, 1998, pp.17-30.
Some Aspects of WTO Activity in the Sphere of Agriculture. - Bulletin of Ministry of Agriculture and Food, 9-10,1999, pp.55-57.
Statement on International Cooperation on behalf of the Russian Delegation - at the Special Intersessional Working Group at Commission on Sustainable Development of Economic and Social Council of the UN, New York, March 2001.
Russia's Positions on the World Markets - presented at Privolzhsk Economic Forum, Samara, October, 2001.
About the Possibilities of Strengthen of Russian Export Potential in Agriculture - presented at International Conference: Problems of Transforming of Russian Agriculture to Market Economy', Moscow, June 1997. 
Problems of Agrarian Reforms in Russia - Lecture at the University of Saskatchewan (Canada), June 1999.
Conception of Establishment of Foreign Economic Service in the Russian Ministry of Agriculture - was presented in July 2000 to Russian Minister of Agriculture.
Is it Necessary for Russia to Receive Foreign Assistance for Transition to Market Economy? -Presented at the Conference in All-Russian Academy for Foreign Trade, Moscow, April 1996

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