In 1989, a group of Moscow students led by Mr. Ozharovskii founded a youth organization called The International Discussion Club (IDC) of Moscow. The club promotes international activity among Moscow students by establishing and developing direct contact between young people of Russia and other countries. Their aim was to take an active role in destroying the 'Iron Curtain'. At the time, it was the first international youth organization independent of Communist powers. Since 1990, the IDC has organized several exchange programs with courses in language and culture, and has specialized in youth seminars.

After graduating from the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, Mr. Ozharovskii became Coordinator of IDC's environmental program. He organized the international seminar 'Introduction to the Green Movement of Russia', supported by a democratically elected Moscow City Council, which offered western ecologists their first opportunity to visit a nuclear reactor located in a private institute in Moscow. Presently, Mr. Ozharovskii is President of the IDC.

At the Russian Federal Elections of 1993, 1995, 1999, 2000 he organized foreign observation programs, and plans to do the same in the elections in future. Andrey invites all the members of LEAD family to come to Russia to join IDC's study trips and election observation in Russia.

He is also pursuing opportunities for international networking via the Internet.

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