Ms. Malikova is a camerawoman for the Russian TV program Ostankino, where she has covered Russian ecological problems for the past eight years. She is a graduate of All-Union State Institute of Cinematography and has taken part in many media-related and ecological conferences, including the Eco-Media Festival. Ms. Malikova is interested in the role of mass media in promoting environmental education, as well as in the problems of atomic energy. She has produced various videos on these topics, including documentaries about Tamsk - 7, Krasnoyansk - 26, Cheliabinsk - 20 and Kalinin, as well as a piece entitled, Beloyansk Atomic Stations, Novaya Zemlia. Now she works at the Association of scientific-poplar educational TV programs:
1.Club of Travellers
2.In the Word of Animals
4. Culture
5.Medical program 'Concilium'

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