Anvar BUZURUKOV is Vice-President of Tajik Social-Ecological Union, oldest NGO's in Tajikistan.
His current projects include telecommunications, educational and scientific work regarding the indigenous people of mountainous regions. His primary interests in this field are the maintenance and preservation of mountainous cultures and the access, which these cultures have to management of their own natural resources. Now he leads several projects in Tajikistan (ecotourism and national paks system) and in others CIS mountains regions. He is Advisor in Institute of Federalism (Moscow.
In 1996-1998 , Mr. Buzurukov worked as the Director of the Eurasian Mountain Centre (EMC) which was established by International Congerss of mountaneers (president of this NGO Russian Minister of national policy Dr. Ramazan Abdulatipov-famous russian politic. ALso in 1997-1998 he used to be a Advisor in Foundation 'Childreen of Chechnya')
He received his Master's degree from the All-Russia Academy for Foreign Trade, where he specialized in UN and international economic relations. He also received a Bchelor's degree in geological engineering at Tajik State University. Previous to his current position, Mr. Buzurukov worked on geological surveying in Pamir(1984-1989) and served in the Ministry of Natural 
Protection as a Chief of Department of state contrlor on protected areas and tourism (1989-1993). He has been an innovator in the creation of state and national parks, and was in 1991-1997 a member of the Council of the International Socio-Ecological Union, the biggest environmental root NGO in FSU .

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