Dr. Speranskaya is a Project Coordinator and Deputy Director of ECO-Accord Centre on Environment and Sustainable Development. In 1999 she also became a researcher in the Institute of Oceanology, Russian Academy of Science. The work as a Deputy Director consists of project preparation and implementation, maintaining information network with partner organisations in Russia and the NIS.
Since 1997 Dr. Speranskaya has been working as NIS Focal Point 'Environment for Europe' coordinating information campaign consisted of electronic news and publications preparation as well as organising, workshops for NIS NGOs, governments, academic circles and media. In 1998 she was a coordinator of a project aimed to investigate the development of TV Public Service Announcement(PSA) on health and environment issues in the NIS region. the project was carried out in cooperation with the Media Trust (British NGO) and sponsored by the Know How Fund. She also became an author of three TV PSA on health and environment which have benn shown on Russian TV channels.
In 1999 Dr. Speranskaya became a Steering Committee member of the International POPs Elimination Network (IPEN). Since that time she has been acting as a Coordinator of IPEN Focal Point for Russia. During the Forth Round of Intergovernmental Negotiations concerning the draft convention on POPs elimination Olga Speranskaya made a presentation on Russian official position on POPs elimination. She also coordinated an issue paper preparation entitled : 'POPs: How To Prevent The Threat?'. The issue paper was broadly distributed throughout the NIS region.
Since 1999 Olga Speranskaya has been involved into the Working group of Russian-Canadian project on waste management in Moscow region. She made a presentation on the need to involve public into decision making on waste management. Her article 'Public Involvement into Waste Management Decision Making' was published as part of the Russian-Canadian project.
Dr. Speranskaya has more then 80 scientific publications and articles on environment and sustainable development policy, public participation in environmental decision-making, environmental education and public awareness. She is a co-author of the brochure 'Partnership for the Future' on public participation in the NIS published by TACIS Environmental Awareness Raising Program. She is also a co-author of the manual 'Involving Public into Environmental Decision Making' focused on decision-makers. The manual was prepared as part of a project sponsored by the Know How Fund.

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