Yury Gennadievich Mikhailichenko graduated from Moscow State University's oceanological division. He received a Ph.D. in physical oceanography from the P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology of the USSR Academy of Sciences in Moscow and subsequently worked there for nearly fifteen years. Currently, he is a chief specialist in the Ministry of Science and Technology Policy of the Russian Federation, in the division of the World Ocean, Climate and Earth Sciences. His areas of activity are planning and management of the Russian national research program 'Comprehensive Investigations of the Oceans and Seas, Arctic and Antarctic' and serves as a member of the U.S.-Russian Joint Intergovernmental Committee on Cooperation in Ocean Studies. He also represented his division at the International Centre for Coastal and Ocean Policy Studies (ICOOPS) in Genoa, Italy. His area of special interest is the development of coastal management in Russia. Working toward this goal, he is a co-leader of a newly formed coastal management project of the Russian government. Last year he was invited to membership in the New York Academy of Sciences. He has published a book and over 40 paper, as well as participated in several research studies

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