Cohort XVI

BASHKIROV Michail was graduated from Russian State University of Humanities, he did PhD studies at Russian Academy of Sciences with focal interests to the history of minority groups in North America. His current employment is in the Russian industry, company “Whitehall”. Within business sector his duties are related to the PR management. His idea is to promote company’s reputation through implementation of social responsibility concept into the day-to-day practice
Ålena Baskakova is master of science on a speciality "Ecology and nature management». She graduated the department of Ecology and the Earth sciences in the International university nature, society and man "Dubna" in 2011. Elena deals with biomonitoting, bioindication and complex estimations of environment condition in the International university "Dubna ". Also she is engineer of ecology in the Co Ltd " AV Engineering ". She develops section “List of actions of environmental protection», develops projects of the rough size of a sanitary-protective zone, analyzes of objects influence on the air, surface waters, waste systems and so on.
Elena takes part in a lot of ecological conferences, has a lot of published articles. She is winner of Russian and International competitions in ecology.
Elena is involved in public activities. She is the founder and the organizer of the youth project «We XXI-st century youth!» and student film festival “ÃÓÄWIN” (, which passes annually from 2008 in Dubna. She organized ecological actions in schools (for example, schoolchildren have planted more than 4000 trees of Pinus Sylvestris L. in Dubna school nursery gardens) and conducted lessons about ecological problems in elementary schools
Iya Belova graduated from Department of Mechanics and Mathematics of Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russia) with honor. While studying at the University, she had taken special courses on mathematical ecology, theory of differential equations, theory of graphs, theory of matrices for students of math., along with regular mathematical and ecological training. She defended her PhD thesis in Mathematical Ecology in Dorodnitcin Computer Centre of RAS and got the degree. Now she represents Institute of Atmospheric Physics in Young Scientists Council of Russian Academy of Science. Iya has a number of scientific publications in leading journals on mathematics, mathematical ecology and biology. Her interests are related to stability problems in models of population, community, and ecosystem dynamics, mathematical models of plant successions, dynamics of the climate in large cities in the world
Ilya Brusnitsky graduated the Russian law academy by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation. After the graduation worked as the inspector in Investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation. Later engaged in private legal practice, and also public and political activity. At present works in Department of mass media and advertizing of the Government of Moscow. Is interested in questions of ecology and environment development, and also business, a policy, psychology, foreign languages, oriental combat sports, self-development
Anton Bugrov graduated from Dubna University (Moscow Region), Department on Ecology and Earth Sciences. He received Master Degree in Geoecology from the same university in 2009 and still employed by university for making research on groundwater projects, particularly in the water basins of great Siberian rivers. His academic interests are also extended to climate change and sustainable development issues
Ksenia Eydelman studies to master at the department of Quantum Physics and Nanoelectronics of the National Research University Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology (Russia). She is a bachelor of engineering and technology on “nanotechnology” direction. Nowadays, she works in the “Telecom STV” company, which produces solar cells, solar modules, flexible crystalline solar modules, silicon wafers and equipment for microelectronics. She takes part in many project of Solar Energy in Russia as young engineer. Her interests are makes our life better with renewable energy, shows to people the benefits of solar energy, and thereby to maintain ecology in the world.
KUZMIN Michail was graduated from Moscow State Pedagogical University where he has obtained the Master Degree in Psychology. His career is however linked to other area – journalism, he has published numerous articles in local papers, giving special attention to most acute public issues, including environmental protection. As a result of his journalist activities he was invited by Moscow City government to serve as press secretary for Public Council of Moscow City. His current duties are related to the monitoring of public attitude towards the City government decision-making, including the process of environmental management
MAL’GIN Andrey is currently Deputy Director for Russian NGO “Russian House of Knowledge”. He was graduated from Mendeleev University for Chemical Technologies in Moscow, and started to work in different Russian NGOs. His reputation allowed him to become a member of State Commission, distributing on competitive basis the governmental support to the NGO sector. He also participated in most visible public meetings in discussing the ways of civil society development
Ekaterina Repina is Senior Lecturer at Moscow Lomonosov State University, Global Politics Faculty. Ph.D. in Philology, received at Moscow State Linguistic University, Psycholinguistics Department. In 2006 lectured at Madrid Complutense University (Spain).
In Moscow State University Mrs. Repina is responsible for directing research related with global integration\disintegration processes, including different aspects of regionalism and multiculturalism, as well as with conflictology, including interethnic conflicts and crises. All mentioned issues are closely related with global ecological problems and human life safety. Many current conflicts are caused by the lack of resources and the study of these issues provides answers to many questions.

Mrs. Repina also is adviser to the Russian State Duma deputy. Thus she is connected with legislative activities which help to conceptualize problems not only in theory, but also at a practical level.

Her scientific interests also include the study of ethnic psychology and political psychology. Has a number of publications on the issues she studies. Speaks English and Spanish

Maria Vovk graduated from the Faculty for the World Policy of US and Canada Institute for Russian Academy of Science. She has also CILFA diploma on French ad Sprach diploma on German. Maria was working as a press-secretary assistant at ITAR-TASS news agency. Now she is responsible for the international student exchange between Quebec University and the US&Canada Institute of RAS