Cohort XV

Arseny Artamonov is Fellow of the Institute of Atmospheric Physics Russian academy of sciences. He works in a department study of climate processes. Arseny took part in the expedition to study climate change Arctic and Antarctic. He participates in various international programs Monitoring of climatic processes occurring in different places on Earth. Arseny has several publications on relevant topics. His interests related to sustainable development, global climate change, multistakeholder scientific partnership, education for sustainable development and save our planet. In 2004 he graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology on program Ocean and Atmosphere Physics
Alexander Ayriyan is an expert in electronics and computer modeling and currently is employed by Joint (International) Institute for Nuclear Research. His master degree was received from Moscow State University for Radio-Engineering and Electronics. Continuing his studies as PhD student he exposed several conference presentations in computer sciences both domestically and internationally, including South Africa. He is author of dozen professional publications. Being the leader of Students Union he put much efforts in nature conservation action at Dubna region
Dmitry Dryablov is a researcher of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) located in the Dubna town (Moscow region, Russia). His major scientific interests are elementary particle physics, heavy ion physics, exotic nuclei physics. He conducts research using experimental facilities located on different accelerators. He has numerous scientific reports on russian and international conferences. His interests are related to multistakeholder partnerships, sustainable energy and new environmental energy.

Dmitry is chairman of the Council of young employees of laboratory of high energy physics of JINR and he is member of the Council of association of young scientists and specialists of JINR. He participates in the preparation and carrying out of scientific schools and conferences.He is also the organizer for writing reviews for non-standard articles that come in JINR from the people.

Dmitry is a member of volunteer peace: it helps maintain order and supervises the legality of police actions.

Dmitry graduated Moscow State University Faculty of Physics in 1998. In 2001 he completed postgraduate studies at Moscow State University. Since 2001 he works at the JINR.

Dmitry has passed additional courses of improvement of qualification on following actions:
The first school of heads youth associations of science and education spheres, Dubna, Russia, 2008;
The first Dubna youth school of «Management of innovations», Dubna, Russia, 2009.
Anna Krotova is a Communications (Public Outreach) Consultant at International Finance Corporation. She is responsible for developing communication strategies for Russia Residential Energy Efficiency Program and Russia Renewable Energy Program at IFC.
Prior to joining IFC Anna worked as an Expert at ICF/EKO, an american consulting company. She was engaged in various projects on EIA, SEA, environmental consulting and environmental due diligence.
Earlier together with other experts Anna worked for UNDP and WWF projects as a Research Assistant. She was also an Intern at the Ministry of Natural Resources in Russia.
Anna holds a Diploma from Moscow State University, Department of Political Science. Her Major is Environmental Politics.
Evgenia Moscvinais a lawyer, graduated from Russian Academy of Public Administration in Saint Petersburg. Now she is a part of Charitable Foundation “World Without Smoking”, participating in the projects and fund-raising activities. Particularly, she initiated the project entitled as “Non-polluting farmer production” with development of innovative product – sprouted grain bread with wild yeast. The production technology and product have unique environmental features and considered as a valuable option to GMO products. Evgenia is also an author of many publications in environmental area.
Irina Onufrenya is Protected Areas officer of WWF Russia. She is responsible for the coordination of projects aimed on designing of new and support of existing protected areas, planning of Ecological Network. Irina works in Caucasus, Altai-Sayan, Arctic, Kamchatka, Ural ecoregions of Russia and several countries of central Asia (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kirgizstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan).
Prior to joining WWF, she was a post-graduate student of the Institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Irina has a number of publications on Protected Areas and Ecological Network.

Her interests are designated to nature conservation, sustainable development and cooperation between PAs and local communities.
Galyna Poshtarenko currently occupies position of Informational manager within Avoidance of GHG emission by Restoring and Sustainable management of peatlands Project in the Ukraine. She is responsible for communication and public relations while generation Project activities. She has been experienced in social and environmental work being involved in numbers of NGO projects (Compass Club, Kyiv) and reached good communicational skills while working as an advertising and PR manager in business companies. Her philological background (National University by Taras Shevchenko, Kyiv) and her NGO projects experience made her fit sure and creatively at the position of Informational coordinator within Sustainable Integrated Land Use of the Eurasian Steppe Project (2008 - 2010) and at the current position within Avoidance of GHG emission by Restoring and Sustainable management of peatlands Project. Being a local coordinator of Bergwaldprojekt to Ukraine (Swiss nature protected non government organization), she is leading volunteering camps in Transcarpathia that set a signal against the destruction of the mountain forest, contributes actively to its preservation and arranges for volunteers to be able to experience firsthand this fascination ecosystem. She is also engaged in development of the rural tourism in Ukraine and collaborates with professional organizations (Association of the Green rural tourizm), state institutions (State Forestree Committee, After diploma Institute) and private companies (Velovujky) in order to promote conservation of the rural traditions and its economical benefits by writing articles and organizing educational meeting for local communes
Natalia Rusanova currently occupies position of a deputy director of personnel department at the Institute of USA and Canada of Russian Academy of Science as well as she works at her PhD in politics at the same Institute. She is responsible for people-ware, contract documents and circulation of document. She has a degree in personnel management (Moscow State University), in psychology (Belorussian Pedagogic Institute) and in philology (Kaliningrad State University). She has worked in the business field for 3 years and in the education field for 7 years. Her interests are related to sustainable development, human ecology and environmental protection. She has a number of publications on Labour law policy and protecting from hostilities at workplace in particular.
Olga Savvateeva graduated Dubna university in 2001 on speciality "Ecology". In 2005 protected the master's thesis on competition of Cand.Biol.Sci. degree on the theme «Estimation of ecological risks of small cities in Moscow Region (on an example of Dubna)». Now teaches on ecology department and at Institute of the system analysis in Dubna university, also works in the Regional ecological center «Dubna». Conducts classes on such courses as «Computer technology in ecology and environmental management»; «Environmental planning and expertise»; «Geographic Information Systems in Ecology», «Office Information Technology», «Informatik». Is the head of student's final works, she is occupied in carrying out of many nonlearning actions of ecological subjects, performance of research works. Area of scientific interests — ecological risks; monitoring of various environment components; estimations of environment quality and the analysis of the ecological information; geoinformation systems. Participated more than in 20 scientific conferences, it is published more than 40 articles.
Nikita Smirnov is a head of Youth Business Center at Dubna (Moscow region) Chamber for Commerce and Industry. He was organizer and participant of several youth conferences on entrepreneurship and cross-cultural dialogue in Russian federation and was awarded with special diploma for his efforts in this area from Moscow Region Government. He is seeking new ways to expand youth and students cooperation, including environmental protection
He is also the deputy of the Moscow region youth parliament and senator of Youth parliamentary assembly of the Council of Federation of Russian Federation. Also he is the vice-chairman of Moscow region organization of the Russian Union of Youth.
Evgeny Uglov is an expert in nuclear physics, particularly in the field of research of elementary particles. He had graduated from Saratov State University where he studied the general physics and non-linear dynamics. Also he had graduated from Moscow State University where he studied high energy and particles physics. Currently he is a part of Dzhelepov Laboratory of Nuclear Problems at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna (Moscow Region). Evgeny is also teaching at Dubna State University and recently was a leader of young scientists association at Joint Institute for Nuclear Research.. He is interesting in exploring the role of science and technologies in sustainable development
Irina Vorobyeva is editor geopolitics department of Direct Investment magazine. The magazine was established by the Sberbank RF in 2002, distributes a monthly circulation of 62 thousand copies in Russia. The directors such the bank's clients as Russian Railways, Aeroflot, Rosneft, Renova and other leading Russian companies are readers magazine. Also among the readers are the heads of the different political institution (for example the State Duma of the Russian Federation). Her publications on international relations include articles about exploration problems of the Arctic and Antarctic and economic consequences of global warming. Her interests are related to the potential effects of global climate change for the world economy and introduction of clean technology in Russian industry. Prior to joining Direct Investment magazine, Irina was a correspondent of Profil magazine (department of economics); wrote articles on social topics in Obshaya gazeta under the supervision of famous editor and journalist Egor Yakovlev.

Irina graduated from the Faculty of History the Moscow State Pedagogical Institute named after V. I. Lenin. As a journalist, she began to work in the city department of Literary newspaper in1997.