Maxim Nikolaev, PhD, Director of programs at the International Humanitarian Fund “Znanie”, member of the Social Council of Moscow.
Maxim graduated from Moscow Pedagogical University in 1998 with qualification in Marketing and Modern computer technology. In 1995-2002 Maksim taught economics at school. In 2002-2006 he worked at Moscow state regional university. M. Nikolayev received his PhD in Economics from Moscow state regional university in 2001.

His academic interests include social projects implemented by non-governmental organizations, educational programs and economics. Since his graduation he has worked in the sphere of educational system of Moscow and Moscow Region. Maksim has participated in carrying out different programs and projects focusing on education. He provided financial, analytical and organizational maintenance of state special-purpose programs, grants and the national project “Education” in Moscow Region.

In 2006-2007 Maxim Nikolaev was an associate professor at the General Management Department and the Dean of the Management Faculty at Social administration Academy of Moscow Region. Since 2007 he is in charge of technical and system-wide software at Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. Currently he conducts public programs at the International Humanitarian Fund “Znanie”. Maxim is an author of several articles.

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