Maria Nikitenkova, PhD, Head of the Division at the Institute of the USA and Canada Studies of Russian Academy of Sciences and Editor-in-Chief, scientific journal “Russia and America in the XXI century” (
The sphere of scientific interests is the development of the national information infrastructure; economic problems of information society and external economic policy; social and economic problems of technological progress.

Maria Nikitenkova published over 30 articles in academic journals. Most recent publications:

• Information infrastructure of the United States: problems of federal regulation.
• Government regulation of innovation’s processes: Russian problems and international experience.
• U.S. Economic Problems In Beginning of 21st Century.
• Problems of Information security: information wars and threats of cyberterrorism
• Changing of information space of the Russian-American political dialogue  and monograph. Nikitenkova M. The Federal regulation of an American information infrastructure (the end XX - the beginning of XXI century)- M, ISKRAN, 2006.

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