Zhukovskaja Natalia holds a post of the senior teacher of subdepartment of the international relations and political science at the Tambov state university, named after G.R.Derzhavin.

In 2003 N.Zhukovskaja graduated with distinction from the historical department of the Tambov state university named after G.R.Derzhavin on a speciality universal history.

In October, 2006 she has successfully defended the dissertation "Canada in system of the international relations 1914-1919" in candidacy for a degree Doctor of Philosophy.

She gives lectures at subdepartment of the international relations and political science on such disciplines as "the International integration and the international organisations", "Ethnopolitical science", «Regional aspects of the international relations», etc.

Field of her scientific research is connected with studying of foreign policy of Canada during the period of the First World War. She is the author of more than 20 publications on the given problematics. N.Zhukovskaja repeatedly acted with reports and messages at regional, All-Russia and international scientific conferences.

Natalia is a member of the Russian society of studying of Canada at Institute of the USA and Canada of the Russian Academy of Sciences..

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