Julia Dobrolyubova is currently working as an Expert on Climate Change at the Russian Regional Environmental Centre (RREC). The RREC is a non-for-profit environmental organisation founded jointly by the Russian Academy of Civil Service of Russia and European Commission in the frames of "Environment for Europe" process.

Her responsibilities cover a broad range of issues related to climate change and sustainable energy policies, development of adaptation and low-carbon strategies in Russia, awareness-rising and capacity-building of all stakeholders, interaction with policy-makers, business, mass-media, general public, as well as strengthening the EU-Russia co-operation in the abovementioned areas. Julia and her team have gained extensive experience in organisation training courses and study-tours for Russian mass-media, including the recent Russian-Danish media-project "To Highlight the Path to Copenhagen", which was highly appreciated by the Danish Embassy in Moscow. Another RREC project "Climate sCOOLing" has introduced innovative approaches into climate educational programmes in Russia.

Julia is a member of the Russian negotiating team, and participates in the international negotiations under the UNFCCC on a regular basis. She is also a member of the EU-Russia Sub-group on Climate Change of the EU-Russia Dialogue on the Environment.

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