Oleg Sutkaitis graduated from Arkhangelsk State Wood Technology Institute named Kyibyshev, department of forest and garden/park economy and many years was working as chief specialist of department for bio- and land resources of Murmansk Forest Management Authority. Now he is a member of WWF Russia team, Barents Sea Ecoregion Project. Leader of the project.

Main directions: establishment relations with any governmental, scientific and non-governmental organizations on both regional and federal level relevant to conservation and sustainable practices for projects implementation; facilitating ecological knowledge dissemination and awareness among actors developing activities, promotion of development of the informational background for the decision making in sustainable use and conservation; development of project proposals portfolio related to sustainable use and conservation; preparation of project proposals for fundraising for the support of conservation and sustainable practices; planning the implementation of the projects aiming at biodiversity conservation and nature protected areas network development, follow-up on the status of the activities; participates in execution of all parts of projects related to contracts with experts, third parties

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