Roman Mnatsekanov graduated Kuban State University (Department of Biology) and for 13 years worked at the university biological centre. Ornithologist, bird watcher of North Caucasus for twenty years, author of more than 100 scientific publications, the member and the secretary of the Menzbir Ornithology Society, Russian Bird Conservation Union (RBCU) (Northern Caucasus division), coordinator of midwinter bird calculation in Krasnodar region and Adygei republic (Wetlands International), was at the head of a number of projects devoted to protected area establishment, identification of key ornithological areas of Russia, integrated coastal zone management and so on. In the late 1990s Roman was the founder and the head of Krasnodar region ecological fund of bird of prey protection

Follow-up activity is connected with public service in local agency of Ministry of natural resources in Krasnodar region. Expert in biodiversity, protected area, Environmental Impact Assessment expert

At present time Roman is coordinator of Caucasus regional office of WWF Russia

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