Cohort XIII

Evgeni Baigarin graduated from State Classical Academy, medical department Since 2001 Evgeni is working as a researcher in Institute of nutrition of Russian academy of medicine science
Ksenia Eltsova at present time is freelance editor of ‘Art-Manager’ magazine, a Moscow monthly dedicated to international practices of public and private arts and culture policies
Dzvenyslava Kachur graduated from the National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” and now is working as a knowledge management specialist for the Chernobyl Recovery and Development
Evgeny Kokoshinskiy graduated from Moscow State University,Sociology Department and then got the diploma from Academy of Economy, MBA in marketing. For the last five years Evgeny is a marketing...
  Olena Marushevska has PhD in Sociology from Kiev State University, Sociology Department and last 5,5 years is working in the Tacis projects as a publicity expert in the EU funded projects
Roman Mnatsekanov graduated Kuban State University (Department of Biology) and for 13 years worked at the university biological centre. Ornithologist, bird watcher of North Caucasus
Igor Stolyarov was born in Moscow, Russia, took half of his education Europe and half in Russia, then studied cryptography and computational mathematics at the Moscow State University
Oleg Sutkaitis graduated from Arkhangelsk State Wood Technology Institute named Kyibyshev, department of forest and garden/park economy and many years was working as chief specialist of...
Yulia Sukhenko graduated from the International University in Moscow in 2001. She received her degree of Specialist in Linguistics and Intercultural Communication
Shakhnoza Tashmetova is a tutor at the department of sociology, economy and law of Moscow State Pedagogical University. Since 2007 she is also a post-graduate student at the same university