As well as her full time job as CDM/JI Analyst at Point Carbon, the leading provider of independent analysis, forecasting, market intelligence and news for the power, gas and carbon emissions markets, Olena Tarasova is a co-founder and inspirer of Environmental Club at the National University “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”, where she coordinates environmental projects, conducts training, is engaged in developing a network of environmental clubs in Ukraine, organises educational trips to different parts of Ukraine and other countries.

Olena gained a degree in Pedagogic and later on decided to change her specialization to environmental science. While her study was actively involved in field works studying the situation on Ukrainian reserves, she worked as an intern at Ministry for Nature Protection of Ukraine. She has a number of publications.

Olena was a workshop leader of Eastern Regional Congress “East European countries’ identity: the modern choice.” Took part in the series of seminars and conferences among them are “Climate Change and Business”, “Russia and Kyoto Protocol”, “Carbon Market Insight-2004.”

The main interest of Mrs Tarasova is sustainable development and environmental education.
Moreover, she has been practicing yoga and hiking as well for the past 11 years.


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