Dr Lioudmila AMETISTOVA is currently a Head of Environmental and Social Risk Management Group at the third largest oil and gas company in Russia TNK-BP. She is responsible for environmental NGO engagement as well as for compliance of new projects (so called greenfields) with international environmental standards. Geography of projects varies from tundra of West Siberia through East Siberian taiga to steppes of the Low Volga region.

Lioudmila’s educational background includes BSc in Hydrometeorology and MSc in Oceanography at Moscow State University (Russia), MSc in Environmental Change and Management at Oxford University (UK) as well as PhD (Remote Sensing of Coastal Waters of the Great Barrier Reef) at Sydney University (Australia).

Before TNK-BP Lioudmila worked in environmental consultancy in Moscow and was responsible for public consultations of oil and gas projects, mostly in Siberia. Parallel to the consultancy work she was involved in the research work at the PP Shirshov Institute of Oceanography in Moscow. Research focused on remote sensing methods of environmental monitoring in the Russian Arctic.

Lioudmila’s passions are traveling and violin playing. She has visited over 35 countries at 4 continents enjoying trekking, kayaking and sightseeing in the most beautiful places in the world. Since 14 she is a member of the Ensemble of violinists of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute.

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