Andrey Panin graduated from the Faculty of Geography, Moscow State Lomonosov University (MSU) in 1988. PhD (Geography) from MSU (1991). Now occupies the position of associate professor and vice-dean at the Faculty of Geography, MSU. Specializes in theoretical and environmental aspects of fluvial geomorphology and palaeogeography. Authored and co-authored some 60 articles in Russian and international issues on river channel development and river palaeohydrology in the Late Glacial and the Holocene, global man-induced changes of solid fluxes, century-scale stream network dynamics in response to climate and land use changes, Cs-137 migration via soil erosion, namely over the areas of Chernobyl contamination, etc. Co-author in two monographs on river processes. Takes lectures in geomorphology for students in geography and soil science. As a vice-dean of the faculty accounts for managing student field practice.

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