I was born June 12, 1966, in Kuibyshev (now Samara). My mother worked as an engineering designer, and my father was an aircraft engine test engineer. He holds a postgraduate degree in Engineering. In 1983 I finished high school. All but two grades in my transctipt are 'excellent'. At high school I took an active part in public and community affairs. After finishing school I was admitted to the Kuibyshev Aviation Institute, College of aircraft engines. While at college I did practical jobs at local plants. My have the following certified qualifications: moulder, blacksmith, metalworker, software based lathe operator, metal treatment technologist, electrician, woodcrafter. As a sophomore student I was a team leader at a young scientists' center for the introduction of new technologies into production. As a senior student I took a special course in international commerce in Moscow. After graduation I got a job in the developer company Arsenal as the head of prospective projects lab. In 1990 I founded the firm Stalker doing business in the introduction of new technologoes, metal treatment, wood processing, and wholesale trade. In 1993 the firm had a staff of 87 employeees. In 1994 the business did not survive banking crisis and was shut down. In 1994-6 I worked as the chief engineer in the industrial firm Alians doing business in automotive parts. At the same time I provided consulting services to regional companies in the making of a business plan. In 1997
I set up a digital image studio and in 2000 sold that business having put it on wheels. In 2001 I was invited to take the position of Director of the regional environmentalist club where I have been working till now. Throughout this time the Club has grown into a leading regional operators in environmental management. At present the Club works on a wide range of projects in environmental solutions for regional businesses, maintains a regional environmental portal and serves as a coordinator for regional environmentalist NGOs.
I have a family and three kids.

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