Sergey POPOV has a Ph.D. degree in medicine. Today he is the most senior level medical doctor as well as an assistant professor at the State Medical Academy (Voronezh city, Russia). His thesis was devoted to diseases of abdominal cavity organs for patients working under adverse health conditions. His main sphere of scientific activities are ecology, social hygiene and ultrasound diagnostics in medicine. Sergey has a number of publications in Russian an international journals. Also he is the author of a book on sonographic diagnostic information processing.
Sergey had medical training from the Thomas Jefferson University (Philadelphia, USA, 1997) and received a medical internship at the University Hospital Allgermeines Krankenhouse (Vienna, Austria, 2000, 2001, 2002).
Sergey also graduated from the Literature Insitute (M.Gorky in Moscow, Russia). He is a member of Russian Writers Union, Head of Division Literature Studio (Voronezh City), editor of literature almanac 'Breden'. Sergey is the author of poems and prose collection published in such journals as 'Novij Mir', 'Poezia', 'Novaja Yunost' and others. He is the winner of the 'A. Makovsky Russian Literature' competition (2002). He is also known as the author of articles on social relations and cultural environment in Russia.

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