Ivan A. MIZIN was born in Russia in 1970. He graduated from the Faculty of Physiology & Biophysics of Pushchino State University (1995, M.S.) and Faculty of Biology of Voronezh State University (1993). He served in the Soviet Army in 1988-89. He participated in field projects of sea mammals' research at the Bering Sea in 1990-92 and at the White Sea in 1996. 
Ivan has been working at Russian nature protected areas from 1996. Now he is a deputy director on Science at Ugra National Park (Kaluga province). His professional interests are concerned to protected areas management, integrating of protected areas in a regional context, and endangered species of animals. Ivan prepared two biosphere reserve nomination forms and was a coordinator of these projects. 
All these nature territories (Nerusso-Desnyanskoye Polesye and Ugra) have a Diploma of UNESCO now. Ivan was a coordinator of Bryansky Les model component of WWF RPO-WWF DK Project RU:0077.01 'Contribution towards a sustainable Russia - Integrating Protected areas in a Regional context' in1999-2001. He was a coordinator of the grant of IFAW Conservation of habitats of the brown bear on the southern border of its distribution in the district of the Bryansky Les State Nature Reserve in 2000-2001.
He is a member of Russian workgroup on bisons and a postgraduate student of Voronezh Forestry Academy with specialization on studies of hoof animals and their re-introduction

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