Lela METREVELI is the Chief editor of the Multinational Russia's newspaper 'We speak'. After a request from the founders, she developed the strategy, concept and design of the newspaper. This resulted in an invitation in August 2003 to Moscow to lead the process of creation of the newspaper, as Chief editor. 'We speak' newspaper covers subjects related to the social and political life, economy, culture, science and sport in Russian Federation, CIS and other countries. Its target audience is the emigrants, representatives of the different nations living in Russia and CIS. Taking into consideration the job's specific character, Lela is responsible not only for full pre-print preparation of the newspaper and supervision of the regional network of correspondents, but also for the development of the relations with the embassies of the CIS and other countries, permanent representatives of the Russian Federation's republics, as well as with minority groups, diasporas and other ethnic organisations in Russia, CIS and other countries.
Lela Metreveli also holds the position of the director of an NGO - Association 'Caucasian Dialog Club' in Georgia. Within the framework of CDC by way of providing assistance to
decisions of ecological problems of the Caucasian region, she is studying international law on the protection of the environment, issues of the national ecological legislation of the countries of Sousern Caucasus, and questions of water resources management.
Before founding of CDC in 2001, Lela was invited by Parliament of Georgia to be a consultant on international maritime law issues. Currently Lela is also an editor of the bulletin 'The Georgian Business Week', published by the Georgian Business Consulting Group. She is also accredited in the Parliament of Georgia. 
Lela's interests are focused on combining the knowledge of both journalistic and editorial skills with the purpose becoming a lawyer-foreign affairs expert. She is particularly interested in issues of political sciences, foreign affairs, environment and science communication. 
Lela holds a bachelor's degree in international law from Greek-Georgian University. Her current dissertation is the 'Bucharest Convention on protection of the Black sea against pollution'.

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