Zhanna ZHAKUPOVA is an Executive Director with the Asian Credit Fund (ACF), a non-depository, non-bank financial institution headquartered in Almaty, Kazakhstan. She is responsible for overall ACF performance and strategic development as well as for its mission success. Zhanna ensures long-term development impact by meeting the company's financial goals and attaining financial sustainability. 
In her professional career within the organization, Zhanna has gone through the bottom of hierarchy line straight to the top. Her successful loan officer work experience strengthened with theoretical knowledge from a local MBA school helps Zhanna to effectively manage the organization. 
Zhanna actively participates in international microfinance community life. She is a working trainer for the Microfinance Center for NIS in Poland. This year, Zhanna as a microfinance field practitioner, has been invited to Microcredit Summit in New York. 
Zhanna's previous educational background as a pharmacist from Tomsk Medical Institute and subsequent MBA degree advanced her projects significantly. She is strongly dedicated to aneconomic development mission and seeks for any opportunity to make it successful.

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